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Most prospective piano students and teachers think that all lessons are pretty much the same. They also believe that credentials, years in business and sometimes, the teacher's personality, are the most important considerations for choosing a piano teacher. Finally, nearly everyone assumes that piano students must learn to read at the same time that they are learning to play. How has this approach been working out? Not so well...


Piano lessons have the highest failure rate of any taught subject. Most students (and their parents) dread practice and most never do learn how to play. Few piano students acquire music as a companion for a lifetime. Most of these students blame themselves as they conclude that they just aren't musical.


We think that there is a better way. Piano lessons are not all the same, and the truth is, the method matters. We would like to tell you a little about a breakthrough in piano education, Simply Music Digital. This method is different: It's based on the premise that EVERYONE is musical, it's innovative, it's fun and it gets results!

Everyone is musical - even those who think they're not!

Simply Music Digital is built on the core conviction that everyone, without exception, is deeply, naturally, and profoundly musical. Whether we realize it, our ability to walk and talk demonstrates mastery over complex rhythmic and musical concepts – this is our natural ‘musicality.’ We use this natural musicality in conjunction with Simply Music Digital so students can play great-sounding music at the piano from their first lessons.

What happens in lessons at our studio?

Music happens, that's what! Our lessons are different, because you won't get breakthrough results if you do what everyone else does. First, we delay reading so that our students can be immersed in the piano from their first lessons. Second, Simply Music Digital blends the best of a shared lesson environment and online digital technology to achieve results far beyond those that are possible with traditional methods.


Think of learning to cook. To make a meal, you first to go to the supermarket for the ingredients so you can fix the meal at home and then share it with others. Similarly, the purpose of the lesson is to provide musical ingredients so students can create enjoyable music as they practice at home and then share the music with others. A licensed teacher provides the ingredients through fun and effective activities. Lessons usually follow this sequence:


First, students play selected songs from their growing playlists. This step enables the instructor to assess the effectiveness of their practicing at home and to provide coaching on song development.


Second, the instructor unfolds new music by demonstrating the musical components, such as chords, note lines, and sentences, for each hand and then showing how to put them together. Simple songs can be covered in one lesson but most require several lessons to fully assemble.


Third, students are asked whether they have favorite songs that they would like to learn.


Finally, students are shown how to use their developing skills to create original songs that they share with their group.


All of this activity occurs in a dynamic, shared lesson environment that is filled with fun and laughter.

What happens with practice at home?

More music! If the lesson is like getting ingredients from the supermarket, then practicing at home is like cooking in your kitchen. All of the real progress happens there. Of course, every chef needs a cookbook. Simply Music Digital is the cookbook and features a master musical chef, Neil Moore (creator of the Simply Music program), who walks you through each step. It is a complete suite of resources designed to make our program much more effective than traditional private lessons. These resources include:



This is a list of songs the student maintains. It includes every song, arrangement, accompaniment, and original composition that the student has been taught or has created. The playlist includes a section for checking off each practice session so that the student and instructor can see at a glance whether the student is keeping the playlist alive. Our students don't learn one or two songs which are forgotten when they start new music - they build a vast repertoire of great sounding music that they will play the rest of their lives.


Sheet Music

These are downloadable and printable PDFs of the written musical notation for the songs students learn. Although we delay the music reading process, students will use these materials in the curriculum to help them learn to read music.


Reference Materials

These are downloadable and printable PDFs of the visual pattern diagrams of each song in the program. These diagrams help students remember the songs without having  to read traditional musical notation.


Audio Recordings

Two types of streaming audio files are available for all songs in the Foundation program: recordings of the only the piano parts and recordings of the pianist accompanying a vocalist. These recordings not only demonstrate musical ways of playing the piano part but also help students learn how to accompany real singers. Students can pause and replay any portion of the recordings.


Video Recordings

In these streaming videos, Neil Moore demonstrates every element of each song in the Foundation curriculum just as they were demonstrated by your studio instructor. As with the audio recordings, students can pause and replay any portion.


Simply Music Digital provides a level of personal coaching unmatched by any other music instruction program; it is like having your instructor with you at your piano every time you practice!

What results can you expect?

Simply Music Digital has students of all ages playing blues, pop, jazz, and classical pieces from their very first lessons. And when they practice at home they are using online digital learning resources which are the most complete offered anywhere. The results? We promise that students who complete the Simply Music program at our studio will


• Experience music as a natural self-expression,

• Play a broad repertoire of great-sounding music,

• Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience,

• Develop the ability to learn new pieces, create their own arrangements of existing music, and compose original pieces on their own.


This means that students will become competent, versatile musicians who will enjoy playing and creating music for a lifetime. How cool is that?

Evan Hunter, Owner and Certified Instructor


Joy Lyle, Office Manager

What are the fees for lessons at Keys of Joy?

The power, flexibility, and effectiveness of this program is an excellent value. Fees for students consist of two components:


Shared lessons at our studio, where students are introduced to new material and receive coaching and encouragement. Lessons are $95 per month no matter how many lessons occur in the month.


Discounts are available for siblings, and students receive credit when they refer friends! (Private lessons are available at a higher rate for students with special circumstances.) Tuition is paid directly to the studio.


Simply Music Digital for practicing at home, is $35 per Foundation level, paid directly to Simply Music. (Accompaniment and Reading streams are occasionally purchased at a lower cost.) Each level requires about three to four months to complete. Once purchased, the student (or student’s family) is guaranteed unlimited access to the current and all prior levels for the student’s lifetime. Families pay only for one account no matter how many family members are enrolled in the program.


Want to know more? Come to a FREE Introductory Session and receive a hands-on demonstration of this amazing program! Call us at 785-856-4400, email us at, or come to the studio between 3 - 8 pm M-Th, and start your journey of musical discovery today.

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