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Evan Hunter, Director and Instructor
Joy Lyle, Studio Manager and Instructor
Simply Music - A Superior Method for Superior Results
"Quotes from my kids last night -
Ethan: "I love piano lessons."
Connor: "I am gifted in music."

"I promise you those two comments never came out of my mouth during my seven years of traditional lessons."
Doug Russell, parent
Omaha, Nebraska

read and play from sheet music,
"I'm just waiting for my granddaughter to be old enough. She's always listening to me play and I'm just waiting until she's old enough so she can start!"
Debbie Quirarte, Lawrence
play from memory a wide variety of the pop, blues, jazz and classical songs contained in the Simply Music Foundation Curriculum,
Welcome to our studio! We use Simply Music, a breakthrough in piano instruction that can have you playing 30 to 50 songs in your first year.

Everyone who starts piano lessons, whether with live instructors or through an online provider, has questions like these: Will I be able to play whatever I want when I finish this program? What if I
(or my child) spend years at this but then can't play? We can answer those questions...

We are so confident in the effectiveness of this program that
we make these promises:
arrange their own versions of popular tunes,
What Parents and Students Say
about Simply Music
improvise and compose their own songs at the keyboard, and
Will any other source of piano lessons offer this guarantee?

Please browse our website to learn how youcan achieve
victory at the piano. Our office hours are shown on our calendar and we would love to meet you, answer your questions and show you how you can make the piano a companion for a lifetime.
2) If you or your student completes our program but cannot perform the tasks listed
1) Every student who completes the full Simply Music Piano Program at Keys of Joy!
accompany other musicians.
will be able to
above, we will refund all lesson fees.