FREE Introductory Sessions on the second Saturday of every month! Call 785-856-4400 to reserve your place!

Welcome to our studio!

We're so glad that you're here. We love helping our students express themselves through music and we hope to help you or your children, too!


We are helping to create a community where everyone plays.

We opened our doors in 2011 with 12 students; now, more than 50 students from ages 7 to 70 are learning to play the piano at Keys of Joy! We are adding more students every month; we are also adding more classrooms, a performance area, and a coffee house!


We believe that everyone, without exception, is deeply, naturally, and profoundly musical.

We see this in the way we walk down the street, the way we talk, the way we rock and sing to a baby. And just as a baby naturally learns to speak before learning to read and spell, you can learn to play music before learning to read it. Our students are are playing a wide variety of music from their very first lessons.


We use the breakthrough piano method developed by Simply Music.  With this method


You can learn the piano in just 15 to 20 minutes a day.

You don't need hours of tedious drills and scales and boring songs in your daily practice. With 15 to 20 minutes of well-designed practice, 5 to 6 days per week, you will be a competent and versatile pianist.


You can learn 30 to 50 songs in your first year.

It's simple and it's fun! Beginning students easily and naturally establish a hands-on and personal relationship with the piano. They build a playlist that includes popular, classical, blues, and jazz pieces - a broad repertoire they can play anytime, anywhere.


You can make the piano a companion for a lifetime.

Students who complete the Simply Music program become competent, self-generating musicians who can play any genre, play with or without sheet music, accompany others, and create their own arrangements and compositions. They acquire every tool they need to create music for the rest of their lives.


We would love to meet you!

We offer FREE introductory sessions at the studio at 11 AM on the second Saturday of every month.  These sessions last about an hour and they are an excellent hands-on opportunity to learn how Simply Music works!  You will learn about the differences between Simply Music's playing based approach and traditional piano lessons and you will even learn part of a song.  We hope to see you soon and show you or your children just how musical you really are.


Evan Hunter, Studio Director and Certified Instructor


Joy Lyle, Studio Manager and Certified Instructor


"I'm just waiting for my granddaughter to be old enough. She's always listening to me play and I'm just waiting until she's old enough so she can start!"

Debbie Quirarte, Lawrence


"Quotes from my kids last night -

 Ethan: "I love piano lessons."

 Connor: "I am gifted in music."


"I promise you those two comments never came out of my mouth during my seven years of traditional lessons."


Doug Russell, parent, Omaha, Nebraska

About the Studio

Keys of Joy! was opened by Evan and his sister, Paige, in August 2011 with 12 students. We now teach more than 50 students and expect to be teaching nearly 80 by the end of 2015. About half our students are adults ages 18 and up; the other half are children ages 6 to 17. Paige married this past August and she lives with her husband in Kansas City.


Click on the tabs below to learn more about our staff.

Evan Hunter, Director

Joy Lyle, Instructor

John Hunter, Manager

Owner and Director, Piano and Trumpet Instructor

Evan holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from the University of Kansas. He writes symphonic works for wind band and orchestra as well as pieces for small ensembles and choir. He has won the Claude T. Smith award and the Lawner Prize for composition.

Evan tutors graduate students in music theory, writes music and arrangements for his church choir, and plays the trumpet for worship services. He also plans to form an orchestra for his church. Some of Evan's compositions may be heard on SoundCloud here. Pastorale was played recently at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Overland Park and Majestic Overture was played by the KU Symphony Orchestra at the Lied Center in Lawrence.

Studio Manager and Piano Instructor

Joy Lyle is the newest member of our team. Joy earned a bachelor's degree from Olivet Nazarene University where she double majored in youth ministry and philosophy of religion and minored in piano performance. Joy has played the piano for 14 years and she was

very active in school plays, vocal and flute choirs, and marching band while at the university and in high school.


Joy is a certified camp counselor and outdoor education facilitator who loves children of all ages. Joy is very relational and she loves to invest in people. Come in and say Hi!

Business Manager

John supervises business operations and is responsible for facility acquisition, design, maintenance, signage, and equipment. John looks for new opportunities to help the studio reach and even exceed its growth objectives.


John tried to learn piano twice before

and failed both times - traditional lessons were slow and boring. He had nearly given up when he heard of Simply Music and began lessons 3 years ago. He now has 80 songs in his active playlist and says, "If I can learn to play the piano, anyone can!"

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