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They are playing pop, blues, jazz and classical songs from their very first lessons. Our adult students are fulfilling lifelong dreams and our younger students are making the piano a companion that they will enjoy for a lifetime.
This is what piano students experience at Keys of Joy!
Students of all ages are learning 30 to 50 songs in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles in their first year. They are learning how to accompany other musicians and they are arranging and composing their own pieces. They are achieving VICTORY at every lesson!
You can too.
Notes of Joy!
By Joy Lyle, Office Manager

Why Lessons?

It is very easy to find “how to play the piano” resources on the Internet. If one Googles “how to play the piano”, they will get about 107,000,000 results in less than a second. So in this day, why would someone pay to get piano lessons from a live teacher?

First, lessons with the right teacher get results. Few people who attempt to learn through the Internet or DVD based methods actually learn how to play. They get bored with methods that are based on simple chords and they discover that the absence of accountability to a real teacher - and parents - makes it very easy to skip “lessons” and practice sessions. Progress slows and it usually (
Let us show you how much FUN piano can be!

Evan Hunter, Director and Instructor

Joy Lyle, Instructor and Studio Manager
Why is Simply Music so effective?
Simply Music is a playing-based method. First, we delay reading for 12 to 18 months so that students can focus on the piano. They are playing real music, with both hands, from their very first lessons. Second, we convert the seemingly complex sequences of notes and chords into simple visual maps that anyone can understand and begin to play right away. Our students build a large and carefully designed repertoire of music that makes learning to read music much easier and more productive.

We know that delaying reading is non-traditional, but think about it - do we learn how to read before we learn to speak? Of course not. We learned how to make simple sounds, then simple words, then we learned how to build sentences. This is how Simply Music students learn to play the piano, too.

Our students master 30 to 50 songs in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles, and they start learning how to accompany other musicians, as well as to arrange and compose their own pieces
in their first year. Within 3 years they are proficient enough in playing, reading, arranging, composing and accompanying to enjoy the piano for a lifetime. (continued)