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Come to a FREE Introductory Session and get 1/3 OFF your first three months of lessons! Call for details.

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We're glad that you're here and we want you to know that


from ages

5 to 75

can learn how to play great-sounding music

...from their VERY FIRST LESSONS! 

Evan Hunter, Owner and Certified Instructor

Joy Lyle, Office Manager

is a great way to discover the power of Simply Music Digital.  These sessions last about an hour and provide a hands-on introduction to the innovative methods of our program. Attendees learn about the history of Simply Music, how we sequence the learning process, and the benefits of our unique instructional model. You will even learn how to play part of a song!


We hold these sessions several times each month. Call us at 785-856-4400, send us a note, or stop by our studio Monday through Thursday from 3 pm to 8 pm to register for the next session.


We would love to meet you! Come to a FREE Introductory Session and begin an exciting and fulfilling musical journey with Simply Music Digital.


Introductory Session

It's true! Everyone, whether young or young at heart, can learn to play the piano.


You don't need prior experience, you don't need amazing piano chops, and you don't need to start lessons before you can walk. All you need is a piano, the desire to learn, consistent practice, and Simply Music Digital.


Simply Music Digital is a revolutionary Australian-developed piano method that represents a breakthrough in music education. This unique approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues, and accompaniment pieces immediately - from their very first lessons.


Simply Music Digital blends innovative instructional methods with online practice resources to achieve results far beyond those that are possible with traditional methods. It's like having your instructor sitting with you every time you practice!

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