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Each day, every one of us experiences this musicality in many ways - through our body's instinctive rhythms, our heartbeat, our breathing and our movements, even the tunes we hum to ourselves while we are doing other tasks. Simply Music draws on and feeds this natural sense of music that we all possess, and places the highest priority on the fun and sheer pleasure of playing music - immediately - from the very first lessons. This program uses our students' existing visual, aural and physical skills, combines these with their natural sense of music, and subsequently achieves unprecedented results.

You don't have to spend 8 to 12 years to become a proficient musician and you don't have to start before age 8. If you are ready to commit a reasonable amount of time and effort, we can get you there in 3
to 5 years, no matter what your age. In the first year, our students learn 30 to 50 songs in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles, and start learning how to accompany other musicians, as well as how to arrange and compose their own pieces.

Come to the studio and receive a hands-on demonstration of this amazing method. Check out some of our featured students, and call us at 785-856-4400 or send us a note to set up your FREE demonstration lesson today!

Evan Hunter
Paige Hunter

Owners and Instructors, Keys of Joy! Studio
Welcome to Keys of Joy! Studio, where our students play real music from their very first lessons!

We use an innovative playing-based method known as Simply Music and our students are playing pop, blues, jazz and classical songs from their very first lessons. Our adult students are fulfilling lifelong dreams and our younger students are discovering music as a companion that they will keep for a lifetime. You can too.

We believe that every single human being, without exception, is deeply and naturally musical.
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