“Simply Music redefines who is musical, and who is capable of teaching music.” Neil Moore,  founder of Simply Music

Keys of Joy! Studio proudly offers Simply Music piano,

the breakthrough Australian method that has students playing great-sounding music from their very first lessons. Whether you are 7 or 75 or any age in between, whether you are a beginner or have tried to learn before, in just a few weeks you'll be playing classical, blues, and contemporary pieces and learning to improvise and accompany with ease and confidence. You'll be playing 30 to 50 songs within your first year!


Lessons and practicing are fun!

Our students and their parents participate in a dynamic and engaging learning environment. After the lesson, practicing only 15 to 20 minutes a day produces amazing progress and victory after victory!


It's a proven method that gets results!

Simply Music is the world's largest playing-based piano method. Millions of lessons have enabled tens of thousands of students to make the piano a companion for a lifetime! You can too.


Would you like to know more?

Chat with us through our website! Or, call us at 785-856-4400 today and we'll give you the details over the phone. Or, you can click here and register for a Free Introductory Session at the studio. These sessions provide a fun, dynamic, and hands-on introduction to this breakthrough piano method. We'll show you how Neil Moore developed Simply Music, how it compares with traditional methods, and we'll demonstrate how it works. You'll even learn how to play part of a song! If you like what you see, you'll also have an opportunity to enroll in lessons.


Bring your questions, bring your student, and prepare to be impressed with Simply Music.

Evan Hunter, Owner and Certified Instructor

John Hunter, Studio Manager and Licensed Instructor

What people are saying about lessons at Keys of Joy!

"After the first month it was already amazing how she was progressing! About six months in she was at a friend's house and they were messing around on the piano; my daughter started playing and the whole family came in to hear her. Her mother called me and asked how long she had been playing piano because they just couldn't believe how good she was. Mr. Hunter is a wonderful instructor and the program is such a neat and exciting way to learn piano. I would highly recommend Keys of Joy!"

Nealy Newkirk, parent of student, Lawrence

"I'm 31 years old and I'm playing the piano. Any age can learn to play and it's fun and a great program. I love that I know how to play so many songs already while adding more every week."

Taylor Schreiner, adult student, Lawrence

“I’m just waiting for my granddaughter to be old enough. She’s always listening to me play and I’m just waiting until she’s old enough so she can start!”

Debbie Quirarte, adult student, Lawrence

"I love this teaching method and Evan Hunter makes playing so much fun! Thrilled to be a student at Keys of Joy!"

Marsha Smith Jones, adult student, Lawrence

"Our son has had a very positive experience. He enjoys practicing, enjoys his lessons, and his love for music has grown. Evan is patient, funny, and has a love for music. I think that his students feel this and they thoroughly enjoy him as a teacher. We are very impressed with Simply Music and we greatly enjoy Keys of Joy!"

Laura Fox, parent of student, Lawrence

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