Keys of Joy! is owned by the brother and sister team, Evan and Paige Hunter. Evan and Paige received many years of traditional piano training while in grade school, and both were section leaders in their junior high and high school bands. (Evan played trumpet and Paige played the flute and saxophone.) Evan and Paige created a keyboard, winds and vocal ensemble which provided Christmas music around Lawrence when they were in junior high school.

The studio opened in August, 2011 with 12 students. We now have nearly 50 students and expect to be teaching nearly 80 piano students by the middle of 2014. About one-half of our students are adults aged 18 to nearly 80. The other half consists of children aged 6 to 17.

Evan holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from the University of Kansas. Evan writes symphonic works for wind band and orchestra and has won the Claude T. Smith award and the Lawner Prize for composition. Evan tutors graduate students in music theory, sings in his church choir and plays the trumpet for worship services. Evan is also forming an orchestra for his church.

Paige holds a bachelor's degree in film, also from KU. Paige is a skilled arranger, keyboardist and singer who is constantly creating new songs with her Tyros digital workstation. In addition to her teaching role, Paige manages the studio office and she supervises our YouTube channel, our advertising, our website and production of our Student of the Month videos.
1540 Wakarusa Drive, Suite SE Lawrence, KS 66047
The Hobbled Hobbit
Brass Trio by Evan Hunter
Swarthout Hall, the University of Kansas, May 2013
(the music starts about 2 minutes into the video)