We are so confident in our method that we will guarantee your success: If you or your student is ready for a comprehensive piano program and does what is required, but fails to achieve the results that we promise, we will refund all lesson fees. (Student Home Materials are not refundable.)
I. Our Guarantee:
Keys of Joy! Studio guarantees that if a student meets the conditions specified in section II, below,
1. At the conclusion of the first full year of lessons, that student will be able to play from memory or lead sheets at least 30 pieces consisting of songs, arrangements, and variations which are included in the first three Foundation levels of the Simply Music Piano Curriculum, in addition to original compositions and arrangements that are created by the student. This music will include pieces in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles.
2. At the conclusion of 3 years of lessons, that student will be able to play from memory all pieces that are contained within Foundation levels one through nine of the Simply Music Piano Curriculum and will demonstrate proficiency in 13 fundamental piano performance skills. These 13 skills include

1. Repertoire: Playing a substantial and stylistically diverse body of music including classical, contemporary, blues and jazz styles, any time, at any piano or keyboard, without the need for written music.
2. Chords: Proficiency with common jazz, pop and blues style chords and lead sheets.
3. Accompaniment: Reading contemporary chord symbols and playing them in an accompaniment style with another instrumentalist or vocalist.
4. Arrangements: Creating and playing enhancements, developments, and variations on an established composition.
5. Rhythm: Reading and playing written rhythmic notation.
6. Pitch: Reading and playing written pitch notation.
7. Sight Reading: Reading and playing unfamiliar music.
8. Transcription: Hearing music and accurately transcribing it into music notation.
9. Composition: Assembling melody, harmony and bass lines into an original composition.
10. Improvisation: Assembling notes and chords into melodic and rhythmic phrases.
11. Playing scales: Proficiency with the formula for creating scales, navigating scales and scale passages with practical fingering; and experience with scale structure on the keyboard.
12. Key Signatures: Proficiency with the various major and minor keys and their respective sharps and flats.
13. Integrated Theory: Practical knowledge of musical form and the theory behind its structure; the ability to identify chords, scales and scale passages, keys, progressions and other significant aspects of a piece of music.

If the student meets all required conditions as listed in items 1-3, below, but fails to achieve all of the goals and standards described above, the Studio will refund all lesson fees paid.

II. What must you or your student do to qualify for the guarantee?
The student and life coach (required for minor children who are taking lessons)
1. Must demonstrate the cognitive, motor and life skills which are necessary to succeed with the Simply Music Piano Curriculum. These skills are assessed through the teaching of a simple song during the Free Introductory Session or in a separate meeting.
2. Must participate in lessons and complete practice sessions as directed by the instructor, including the use of an approved instrument for practice. Examples of approved practice instruments are included in Choosing an Instrument.
3. Must produce a date-stamped video of each practice session. (It is not necessary to produce these videos to participate in the Simply Music program, but they are required to qualify for this guarantee.)
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"This revolutionary technique allows the student to better recognize the forms of music without the mystery and enables them to more quickly participate in the joy of creating and performing. This isn't a short cut understanding music, it's a straight line."

Marc Bonilla, Parent, Emmy Award Nominee Professional Musician/Composer Winnetka, California
“My boys are eight and ten. They’ve had just twelve lessons with Simply Music and already they know twelve songs. Not just ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, but real music. The boys are already playing the blues. They think they’re hot stuff.”

Rebecca Neis
“I’ve always loved music and wished I could play an instrument. Although I took piano lessons as a child and played a few pieces on my own over the years, I felt frustrated and uncomfortable with the piano. When I started Simply Music, suddenly a whole world opened up for me. The teachers make the process exciting and fun and not the least bit daunting. I’m so encouraged that I want to practice playing piano every spare moment I have. Piano playing has suddenly become something that I can share with my friends and feel a sense of accomplishment with. Now I’m learning to read music, and since I’ve already learned how to play a long list of very satisfying pieces, practicing reading isn’t just a tedious exercise; I know I can already play, and it’s now just a matter of time before my reading catches up with my playing! I’m so thankful that I found this method.”

Madeline Rose, student
“It’s been amazing for me to watch our three sons learn to play the piano so quickly. Not only do children learn to play quickly with Simply Music, they feel so free and competent to explore music that they compose their own songs. Our nine-year-old and our twelve-year-old have both composed original songs. Music fills our house and our boys’ hearts and I love that! Simply Music has been a gift for our family.”

Duane Carlisle, parent, Head Strengthening and Conditioning Coach, San Francisco Forty-Niners