Simply Music works - one half of our students are adults and most have never played before. They are mastering 30 to 50 songs in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles in their first year,learning how to play any style, anywhere, arranging and composing their own pieces, and they are becoming self-generating musicians who will enjoy the piano for a lifetime.

How do our students achieve these amazing results?
We delay the reading process about one year so that the student is immediately immersed in the piano. Our students are playing real music, with both hands, from their very first lessons. Our curriculum is carefully designed and tested with many thousands of students and is proven to develop the a full range of playing, reading and creative skills far more effectively and in far less time than any other method.
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Recitals? What recitals? We have The Keys of Joy! Piano Lounge! Most piano students fear recitals and they wish for a low-stress way to enjoy the instrument by themselves or in the company of their family or friends. Whether you would like to play solo or with an ensemble, we have the place for you: The Keys of Joy! Piano Lounge!

We turn off the house lights and let the table candles (LEDs, actually, for safety) and a few low-wattage floor lamps set the mood. The performance area has the Steinway grand, the Tyros digital arranger and room for drums, singers and instrumentalists. A large digital display is mounted on the wall between the pianos so that we can show the words for the songs that are played; the audience can sing along or do karaoke! Our first jam featured the piano, Tyros, violin, ukelele, flute, guitar, trumpet and sax, all provided by students and our instructors. Future jams will include drums and vocalists and all sorts of other cool stuff. All of the pictures that you see on this page were taken at our first Jam Night. The images are bright but the actual lighting was very low.

Some of our adult students had never played in front of anyone before and they had a great time playing for their families and friends! If you are curious about our unusual and fun way of doing things feel free to drop in on one of our Piano Jams. We hope to see you there!
“At 83 years of age, this wonderful program has given my life a dimension that has brought me much joy and satisfaction. It is so fulfilling to sit down at the piano and play. The experience of Simply Music has helped me to cope with stress, and even sadness. I have been most fortunate and blessed to have had the experience of Simply Music.”

Sara Larmer Meuse