Give them music for a lifetime!
Our Piano Parents tell us again and again that "She loves to practice" - "Music fills our home" - "We have to drag him away from the piano" - "This is so addictive!"

Simply Music is unlike any musical training that you may heard of - it's fun, fast and effective. Our students learn far more music, in far less time, and with far more fun than they ever thought possible.

Watch your children achieve amazing things
Our students master 30 to 50 songs in pop, blues, jazz and classical styles and they arrange and compose their own pieces in their first year. Within 3 years they will become self-generating musicians who are equipped to enjoy the piano for a lifetime.

The method is the magic...
Traditional piano teachers will tell you that all methods are about the same. If that is true, how does Simply Music accomplish such amazing results? First, we immerse our students in the piano immediately. They are playing real music, with both hands, from their very first lessons. Second, we convert the seemingly complex sequences of notes and chords into simple visual maps that anyone can understand and begin to play right away. Finally, we delay learning of how to read music notation for about a year. This total approach allows our students to build a massive and carefully designed repertorie of music which makes learning how to read much easier and more productive. We know that delaying reading is very non-traditional, but think about it - do we learn how to read before we learn to speak? Of course not.

We learned how to make simple sounds, then simple words, then we learned how to build sentences. This is how Simply Music students learn the piano, too. Simply Music's curriculum, shown below, includes Foundation, Development and Special programs that are carefully designed and tested with many thousands of students. This program is
proven to develop competent musicians who are proficient with a complete suite of playing, reading and creative skills far more effectively and in far less time than any other method. Details of our curriculum may be found here.
Original Compostions and Arrangements by
Simply Music Students
Simply Music Students
Speaking of magic, allow us to present the Keys of Joy! Piano Lounge
What if piano students could have a guaranteed safe place to play for an evening of fun, as a solo act or with an ensemble? A place to show off the latest song that they learned or a new song that the student made up? Well, we have that place: The Keys of Joy! Piano Lounge!

We turn off the house lights and let the table candles (LEDs, actually, for safety) and a few low-wattage floor lamps set the mood. The performance area has the Steinway grand, the Tyros digital arranger and room for drums, singers and instrumentalists. Bose L1 Compact Professional sound systems amplify the instruments and mics. A large digital display is mounted on the wall between the pianos so that we can show the words for the songs that are played; the audience can sing along or do karaoke! Our first jam featured the piano, Tyros, violin, ukelele, flute, guitar, trumpet and sax, all provided by students and our instructors. Future jams will include drums and vocalists and all sorts of other cool stuff. All of the pictures that you see on our website were taken at our first Jam Night. The images are bright but the actual lighting was very low.

Our first Piano Jam was a hit with students and parents! The students had a great time playing for their family and friends and are more motivated than ever to practice and develop new skills. If you are curious about our unusual and fun way of doing things feel free to drop in on one of our Piano Jams. If you are a Simply Music student you are welcome to play! The next one will
be held this Spring and we hope to see you there!
Simply Music Piano Curriculum
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